J.T. Clothiers has been one of North Texas' top retailers since 1970. If you frequent the store you will probably see Jimmy Tritt helping customers on a daily basis. His dad, James, had the idea for the store back in 1969 and never looked back. He was young and anxious to satisfy the need for a great clothing store outside of Dallas. In the beginning J.T.'s was a men's shop until 1979 when his wife, Nancy, decided to take the store a step further and include fine ladies' clothing.


Since the beginning, the goal here at J.T.'s has been both great clothing and great service. Unlike J.T.'s department store counterparts, you are interacting with the family that started the business. This translates to a more personal shopping experience with people that know your name and the clothes that you like to wear.

Although J.T.'s still operates as the type of clothing store you hardly find these days, we still continue to make changes and always welcome customer input to provide an unforgettable and friendly shopping experience.


"One of our favorite things about living in Denton is its rich history. While Denton isn’t necessarily an old town compared to many, we’re only 170 years old, once you start digging we’re ripe with stories of families who have done some really neat things around town. This is one of the reasons we were so happy to see JT’s move to the corner of Elm and Oak this year - a cornerstone building of the square."

-We Denton Do It , December 2016